Friday, 15 May 2009

Adam Neate

Being interested in street art, I've always found myself attracted to the work of Adam Neate, a British street artist most recently brought to the attention of the masses when he bounteously left thousands of his paintings on the street of London, for people to take, or leave, at will. Since then he has rapidly become Britain's most exciting young artist and a much heralded painter at the forefront of a radical new movement in contemporary/street/free art.

His gallery pieces, the majority of which are still painted on cardboard, have immediacy and a raw energy, through the use of aerosols, marker pens, and acrylic and gloss paints. His paintings fall into one of three categories, ranging from his coveted self portraits, complex three dimensional cardboard works and narrative, social documentary paintings.

It is without question that Neate has clearly been influenced by Bacon's work. It's bold, austere, violent and threatening imagery was something that Bacon's work was synonymous for. Neate's subjects/characters in his pieces often seem trapped and isolated sometimes performing un-natural bodily functions or actions.

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